Our Favorite, Low Sugar, Healthy Treat Ideas


The crisper temperatures don’t only mean that winter is near, it means the holidays are coming!

Whether you’re buying gifts, snacking during a movie night, or hitting up holiday gathering, you’re bound to indulge on a little something sweet. Why not try something different this year?

Don’t worry, you’ll still get to enjoy delicious treats, but the treats we mention in this article are much healthier and lower in sugar so you, and your family and friends can feel your best this winter.

Smart Sweets

We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like gummy bears. Kids love their sweetness, fun texture and cute shapes, and adults just enjoy feeling like kids again!

Unfortunately, gummy bears are usually packed in sugar and other ingredients you shouldn’t really be putting into your body.

That’s where these gummy bears come in!

Smart sweets formulated the first sour gummy bears using all natural stevia to sweeten and they contain absolutely no artificial ingredients.

These juicy, delicious sour gummy bears will scare the sweetness right out of you.


These super fun gummy bars pack a real punch, a protein punch that is!

Indulge your sweet tooth and put a smile on your face by munching on these delightfully fruity bars, low in sugar, free from artificial everything and with a powerful dose of pea protein to boost your energy and keep it that way, no sugar slump here!


These peanut butter cups are mouth wateringly delicious and the best part, is that they’re made with good ingredients!

Unreal products are certified vegan, certified non-gmo, and free from gluten, soy and dairy.

These are just three of our favorite healthy treats we’ll be enjoying this season. If you have any you’d like to add we’d love to read it in the comments!