Glutes, Glutes, Glutes!

Heel Lifted Sumo Squat x 20 reps

Begin with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointed outward. Lift your left heel. With control, sit your hips back as you lower your butt toward the floor, keeping your knees behind your toes and bracing your core to help you balance. Pause, then press into your right heel to stand up into the starting position to complete one rep.

Bear Plank Leg Lifts x 20 reps left leg/ x 20 reps’ right leg

Begin in a plank position with your shoulders stacked above your wrists, and your body in a straight line between the top of your head and your heels. Lift your right leg and bend the knee 90-degrees, bringing your heel toward your butt. With a flexed foot, squeeze your glutes, and raise your right heel up toward the ceiling as high as you can. Pause, then bring your right knee back to meet your left knee to complete one rep.

Killer Kicks x 20 reps left leg/ x 20 reps’ right leg

As before, begin with hands and knees on floor, right leg extended. Swing your right leg out to the side, in line with your hip. Bend your knee, bringing your heel inward toward your body. Then kick back out to the side with a straight leg. Focus on squeezing through the glute.

Curtsy Lunges x 20 reps left leg/ x 20 reps’ right leg

Stand with your feet hips-width apart and your hands pressed together at chest level. Keeping your hips square, step your left leg diagonally behind you and bend both knees to a 90-degree angle, keeping the knees behind the toes. Pause, then press into your right heel to return to standing position as you and extend your left leg into a side kick. That's one rep.

Single Leg Deadlift x 20 reps left leg/ x 20 reps’ right leg

Stand on your right foot with your left leg bent in front of you, knee at hip height. Engage your glutes as you slowly fold forward, reaching both hands towards the ground as you extend the left leg straight out behind you. Pause, then return to starting position with control to complete one rep.

*repeat workout 3-5 rounds depending on skill level