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Getting Your Body Ready For A New Season

With the cooler temperatures fast approaching, now is the perfect time to assess your current routine and implement small changes to get your body and your health ready for the new season!

When we enter fall and winter, the incidence of colds and flu rises so we highly recommend taking the following tips into consideration so you’re feeling renewed and ready for a brand new season ahead!


Room temperature water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in is the ideal way to wake up your digestive system, as well as gently detoxify your liver on a daily basis.

Improved digestion and liver function means your body will be better able to eliminate toxins so you can enjoy a strong immune system, more energy and glowing, radiant skin!


While summer was the perfect season to enjoy cooling foods like smoothies and loads of juicy fruits, now is the time to add some warming and detoxing foods into your diet.

Warming soups and broths help to boost blood circulation, infuse your body with nutrients and prep your immune system for the cooler weather ahead.

We adore this warming soup recipe packed in antioxidants and nature’s antibiotics like garlic and ginger, and we just know you will too!

Enjoy soups and broths as a meal all on their own or as a starter before a heavier meal to help aid in digestion.


Unfortunately fall is a time of increased colds and flu, but the good news is that you can help reduce the chances of one from simply taking the right vitamins!

Vitamin C is our favorite immune boosting vitamin, because it helps to fight inflammation in the body and fight off free radicals that can weaken the immune system. In fact, studies have shown that ​several cells of the immune system actually accumulate vitamin C and need it to perform specific tasks.

When you add our sachets into your routine, you help to flood your body with this powerful vitamin along with others for a super strong immune system all season long!


Exercise is important all year long so don’t think cooler weather is going to let you off the hook!

Exercise helps to boost circulation, improve your sleep, increase energy levels, boost immunity, it goes on and on!

The trick is to find an activity you enjoy and dedicate at least 4 days a week to it. For example, just 30 minutes of low impact walking 4 days a week is an excellent way to improve your health.

These tips are super easy to implement into your busy routine, and they really do make a huge difference. We wish you a season of health and wellness!