5 Tips to help you stay on track with your goals for 2020.

Whether you like to call them goals or resolutions, most of us have a few things we want to achieve this year. While January can have us feeling motivated and excited to get started, many of us fall off the bandwagon and lose motivation as the year progresses. 

Why do so many of us fail before we have even gotten started? It could be that your goals are too intense or unrealistic. For example, going from never really working out to committing to a daily gym routine may be already setting yourself up for failure before you have even begun. Or quitting cold turkey on your current diet and becoming a full out vegan without doing your research before and taking the necessary steps to get there could cause you to end up going back to your old ways of eating, which may only leave you feeling down on yourself.

Here are 5 ways you can increase your chances of success in achieving your goals this year:

  1. Start slow.
    Slow, steady steps towards the bigger picture are what counts and will make those big dreams genuinely manifest! If your goal is to live a healthier life this year, then do something small each day that will get you there. Remember, each day is different, and hitting the gym at 5am every day may not be a reality for you day after day. Listen to your body, see how you feel each day, and do something that feels right on that specific day, whether it’s a stretch, walking, or biking to work, or a new fitness class you can enjoy a few times a week. 
  2. Hold yourself accountable.
    Many of us are more likely to stick to our goals when we hold ourselves accountable to people we care about or love, be it your friends or your family. Let some people know your goals, either through written or verbal agreement and then use their encouragement as motivation to power ahead!
  3. Start your day right.
    Starting your morning, the right way can transform your whole day. When you hit snooze a million times, wake up grumpy, throw on your clothes and head out the door before taking even 5 minutes for yourself, you are less likely to feel motivated and energetic enough to stick to your goals.
    Start your day with some fresh lemon water, think of something you’re grateful for as you open your eyes, try some deep breathing or wake up a little earlier and read a few pages of a good book over coffee. You’ll soon find your very own ritual, and you’ll see how it can change the entire day. 
  4. Reward yourself.
    No, we aren’t talking about indulging in a chocolate donut, just because you made it to work on time! For example, if eating healthier is your goal, then allow yourself a naughty treat just once a week. By having something to look forward to, you are far more likely to stick to your new healthy eating routine!
  5. Do your research, or ask a professional for guidance.
    Last, but not least, do your research if you’re not sure about something. You can’t be expected to build that muscle you’ve been wanting if you have no clue where to start! If you try something on your own, don’t do it correctly, and then don’t see any results, you aren’t likely to continue. So do your research and don’t be afraid to get a professional’s opinion or guidance to help you on your way!
We hope these tips help to get you on your way to achieving everything you desire this year!